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 2021 Honorary League Commissioners

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2021 Commisioners 

#1 From Florida, Connie Mack III, grandson of Connie Mack
#2 From Kentucky, Shannon Voss, great-granddaughter of Johnny Evers
#3 From Virginia, Hank Thomas, grandson of Walter Johnson
#4 From South Carolina,
Leslie Roberts, granddaughter of Honus Wagner

Our honorary commissioners provide the league letters telling us a little about their Hall of Fame ancestor, how baseball was maybe different in their day, and their connections to the youth game.  Letters will be posted at the park during the season for players and families to read.  We will have more info on each player during the season on the Remembering History page.  Here is a sampling of the greatness these four players represent.

Wagner and Johnson were two of the first five players selected for the Hall of Fame.  Connie Mack was in the second class.  Johnny Evers won three World Series with the Cubs and Boston Braves.  Wagner and Johnson each won one World Series but are acknowledged as probably the greatest shortstop and pitcher in baseball history.  Mack is the winningest manager in MLB history and won five World Series with the Philadelphia Athletics.  Evers was the pivot man in the most famous double-play combination in baseball history.

Their collective stats are too great to describe here, but you can look them up on the web and be amazed.  We are truly honored to have Connie, Shannon, Hank, and Leslie serve this year and hope our season lives up to the amazing legacy their ancestors leave behind in baseball lore.

**Each year we bring together a one-of-a-kind assembly representing
the greatest players ever to play the game.

In recent years we have had the families of:
Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, Mel Ott, Jimmie Foxx,
Eppa Rixey, Mordecai Brown, Zack Wheat, Edd Roush, Joe Tinker, Eddie Plank
Babe Ruth, Harry Heilmann, & Dazzy Vance.